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Disposable PE Examination Glove

Product code: KA-10 (disposable PE inspection gloves)
Packaging technology: 100/bag, 100/box, 0.95g/piece
Scope of application: Medical, food processing and other industries
Disposable PE Examination Glove Product Introduction:

It's certified by 1S09001.The material is new LDPE and HDPEfully compatible with medical surgical gloves'material request.

Non-poisonous,harmless,odourless,convenient;lt’s stock medical supplies of medical diagnosis,testing,nursing and protection;ltis widely used in medical treatment, beauty, food and animal husbandry and Qther aspects.

Rugged surface prevents adhesion,colour and lustre is bright,transparent,thickness is uniform, convenient and comfortable to wear.

Possessing the function of waterproof,anti-slip,anti-oil, anti-bacterial, acid and alkali resistant;Effectively preventing chemical and microbe’s penetration.

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