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Medical Care Mats,Examination Mats

Product Code: KA-17 (Medical Care Mats,Examination Mats)
Size: 50*50cm、60*60cm、80*120cm、60*90cm、60*150cm、90*150cm、200*100cm、150*220cm
Scope of application: daily nursing in hospitals, pension institutions and other industries

Product Introduction:

This product is advanced in technology, threedimensional grid,rapid shauntliquid, not caked, not blocked,breathable and dry.
Japan imports high-lock water molecules,rapid absorption,lock in moisture firmly,keep the surface dry for a long time, up to 12 hours.
the bottom membrane is leakproof PE film, to prevent infiltration, anti-skid,waterproof, non fluorescent agents,no irritation to the skin.

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