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Do you really understand disposable gloves?

Time:2020-08-07 15:21:09

Disposable gloves, as you know, have also been used. In terms of types, disposable gloves are generally divided into ultra-thin, ordinary, thickened and extra thick ones. Among them, disposable gloves The scope of use of ultra-thin: can do hand model, light cooked shop and other snacks, ultra-thin in thickness is relatively thin, so in the basic requirements are relatively low; disposable gloves of ordinary, use a wide range of restaurants, baking, dentistry, paint, etc.; disposable gloves thickened, the use of the scope of clinic, laboratory, housework, hair salon, restaurant, sushi, etc; The special thick disposable gloves can be used to peel seafood, knead flour, make stuffing, mix cold vegetables, dye hair workshop, and other workers who have certain requirements on thickness.

The use function of disposable gloves is also gradually upgraded. One of the upgrade functions is for greasy goods. The disposable gloves can be grasped well. The surface structure of disposable gloves is embossing treatment, which makes it more skid resistant. The use of disposable gloves can help people live a better life without worrying about greasy objects.

The second upgrade function of disposable gloves is that they are more flexible, comfortable in the hands, easy to wear, more resistant to stretching, and will not easily break, protect hands and avoid chemical damage to people's hands.

The third upgrade function of disposable gloves is food grade and imported raw materials. They are not toxic and tasteless. They are relatively healthy and safe. Moreover, in actual use, they will not leak, and the use is relatively simple. When you use disposable gloves, you will no longer have to worry about the unsanitary and unsafe use.