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What is disposable rubber groves

Time:2020-07-25 15:54:21

Disposable rubber gloves, split smooth latex gloves, pockmarked latex gloves, are made of high-quality natural latex, with other additives, and refined by special powder free process. The products are non-toxic and harmless, with good tension, good adhesion and flexible use. It is divided into three levels. [br /] one is the disposable latex gloves with powder, which are mostly used in the food industry. It is necessary to add them in the production process to avoid the gloves sticking together, so as to facilitate wearing. Special attention should be paid to the quality of corn flour. We use edible corn flour, otherwise, it is not good for users and service objects. [br /] the second is the powder free disposable latex gloves, which are mostly used in the electronic and medical industries, because they have just been produced with powder, and have been processed and cleaned with water Third, disposable latex gloves, which are mostly used in precision electronics and medical industry, are made of powderless latex gloves that have been cleaned with water and cleaned with chlorine again, with a cleanliness of 1000.