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What are the pros and cons of disposable PE gloves?

Time:2020-01-19 16:04:13
Disposable PE gloves, regardless of left and right design, are made of PE film sanitary material, economical and convenient, seamless, excellent waterproof performance, die cut heat seal, automatic machine molding, automatic counting, dot pattern Surface, non-slip, easy to open, mixed left and right hands. Guaranteed by food certification! We can provide inspection reports suitable for use in nursing tests, hotel catering, barbecue picnics, beauty salons, paint stucco, garden cleaning, food processing plants and other industries.
Advantages Advantages of disposable PE gloves:
1, suitable for clean and eco-friendly, odorless, soft and moderate, smooth and comfortable wear,
2, non-irritating, recyclable, degradable recycling
3, oil resistance, water resistance, strong chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance
4, flexibility, flexibility, waterproof, oil-resistant, stain-resistant, protect the skin
5. Unisex, suitable for various hand types, good quality and low price
6, thick and good tensile strength, toughness, thick, fragile, hard to wear
7. Indicates that the embossed texture is clearly visible and non-slip and gentle on the skin, as with two layers of skin care in the hand.
8, new machine, excellent material, selected formula, advanced production technology, excellent durability and toughness, practical
9. Transparent seal, strong barrier, avoid water and oil stains
10. It can be used in industry, agriculture, commerce and industry, has wide application, health and safety, complete and mature application, wide application, high recognition.
Disadvantages of disposable point disposable PE gloves:
1. Relatively thin, not suitable for long-term use, suitable for one-time use
2. Gloves have poor elasticity and are not suitable for use in environments that require strict operation accuracy.
3. Avoid contact with fire or high temperature because it is a plastic product, flammable and smells after burning.
4. Manufactured using polyethylene, it is odorless, but will not help clean and protect the environment if discarded after use.
5. It is not recommended to use for a long time. Affects skin permeability. When paying attention to PE plastic, it is recommended not to wear gloves for a long time. Work and life need to be oil resistant and thin.