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Precautions when wearing a mask What is the correct way to use a mask?

Time:2020-01-03 11:25:38

(1) Wash your hands before and after removing the mask.
(2) Bring the mask close to your face:
① The colored side of the mask faces outward, and the side with the metal sheet faces upward.
②Tighten the rope that secures the mask or wrap the rubber band around the ear to bring the mask closer to your face.
③ The mask must completely cover the nose and chin.
④ Press the metal piece of the mask firmly along the side of the bridge of the nose to bring the mask close to the face.
(3) After wearing the mask, do not touch the mask to prevent loss of protection; if you need to touch the mask, wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching.
(4) When removing the mask, do not touch the outside of the mask. This part may be contaminated with bacteria.
(5) After removing the mask, put it in a tape or paper bag, wrap it, put it in a trash can with a cover, and discard it.
(6) The mask must be changed at least once a day, and if the mask is damaged or dirty, it must be replaced immediately.

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